Reliable and Professional B2B Substrate Suppliers

Kinheng Crystal Material (shanghai) Co., Limited is among the top substrate suppliers in China. We are on our way to becoming a global substrate leader and we make a significant impact by offering solutions that transform industries and drive progress. Hard work is the key to our success.

As one of Shanghai’s leading Substrate manufacturers, we use cutting-edge technology and devices and use advanced metrology systems, inspection tools, and computational analytics. Our solutions provide accelerate to tomorrow’s electronic devices.

Our operations Set us Apart

We have got a proven capability as one of the reliable substrate suppliers to go from initial concept to nationwide marketplace. We invent in-house substrates, make acquisitions and share the latest technology across systems to diversify our offerings and widen the range of our solutions.

Our comprehensive operational programs keep it all optimized as we believe that our buyers deserve optimized scintillation crystal. Our seamless operations keep us among the top B2B China substrate manufacturers.

We also partner with those who have an understanding of our products. As experienced substrate suppliers, we know our clients and they know us. Through mutual understanding, we are building a resounding ecosystem.

Quality Substrate Manufacturers

Developments in the IC industry are triggering the growth of the communications, computing, and consumer electronics market. Recently, the substrate business has become a necessary complement to the assembly service of ICs.

Continuing to the trend as among the advanced substrate suppliers, we have focused on the research and development of substrate technology for high performance, low cost, thin, reliable, and environmentally compatible IC package solutions. We have a position among known substrate manufacturers.

We Get Understanding of Our Clients

As one of the main online substrate manufacturers, our main aim is to offer our customers substrates that are tailor-made to suit their business scenarios and requirements. Kinheng Crystal is going to be one of the global substrate suppliers for catering to extensive needs on our platform.

Quality remains our core emphasis as we want to be ranked among quality Chinese substrate manufacturers. Therefore, we hire specialist workers and program them to remain quality-oriented.

Our Environment Drives Our Success

The dynamic environment of Kinheng Crystal ensures maximum focus on distinct units of our substrates to give our clients high-quality and core scintillation detectors expertise through specialized professionals.

The power of efforts, experience, and skills has caused us to advance at a rapid pace to achieve our goals that very few leading China substrate manufacturers have achieved.

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