Scintillation Crystal

Professional Scintillation Crystal Suppliers

Kinheng Crystal Material (shanghai) Co., Limited is among the prominent scintillation crystal suppliers in Shanghai, China. We are among the top scintillation material supplier to multiple clients. Due to our exposure, we have created a top-notch clientele list.

Capable Scintillation Crystal Manufacturers

The management of our company is experienced engineers and scientists in different spheres of LuAG: Pr, CsI(Na), NaI(Tl), BGO, LYSO: Ce, etc., which is a plus when we talk about agreeing on specifications.

As one of the sought-after scintillation crystal manufacturers, we can produce substrate, optical coatings and components to MIL quality standards. We also are an ISO 9001 2015 certified organization.

We are Catering Various Markets

Since we are selling our scintillation crystal digitally, we can cater to different clients in several industries. We are a flexible organization. Therefore, we can fulfill bulk orders from major international scintillation crystal suppliers of control and analytical instrumentation.

We also listen to small-scale businesses with small volumes.

We Know What We Offer

Kinheng Crystal offers a full range of specialized, standard, and custom-built scintillation crystal materials designed to meet the requirements of demanding radiation applications. All renowned scintillation materials are made by our seasoned workers.

We have manufactured thousands of scintillates and are in the race of China’s top scintillation crystal manufacturers. We take pride in our achievements and our staff who tirelessly work together in developing a technology-based organization with top-class expertise.

Our Manufacturing Process Will Make You Fall in Love with Us

Our production process of scintillation crystal array starts with exceptionally clean starting material. The material is then processed using a growth method that has been made in-house. We assemble our quality materials using techniques that have been in use for many years.

Trustworthy Scintillation Crystal Array Suppliers

Irrespective of what clients ask, we always reply in detail. Our price range is always competitive and shipment is always in line with the agreement. We are among the most technologically advanced scintillation crystal array suppliers in China. Do not hesitate to come to us and satisfy your scintillation crystals requirements

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