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Professional Scintillation Crystal Suppliers

Kinheng Crystal Material (shanghai) Co., Limited is seen among the leading scintillation crystal suppliers in Shanghai, China. We are a top scintillation material supplier that caters to multiple clients. Apart from scintillation crystal, we offer substrate, and scintillation detectors.

Capable Scintillation Crystal Manufacturers

Our capacity makes us one of the unique scintillation crystal manufacturers. We have experienced scientists and engineers in various spheres of LuAG: Pr, CsI(Na), NaI(Tl), BGO, LYSO: Ce, etc.

We can produce substrate, optical coatings, and components to MIL quality standards as one of the most sought-after scintillation crystal manufacturers. We are also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which helps us to attract more clients and give our buyers the satisfaction they deserve.

We serve a variety of markets.

To be among scintillation crystal manufacturers, we cater to a variety of clients in a variety of industries because we sell our scintillation crystal digitally. We are an adaptable company. As a result, we can fill bulk orders from major international scintillation crystal control and analytical instrumentation suppliers.

We also pay attention to small scintillation crystal manufacturers with low volumes.

Standout From The Crowd

Your product is the primary reason for being standout from the rest of the quality scintillation crystal manufacturers. Through us, you can make your business the best of the rest.

As one of the responsible scintillation crystal suppliers, we provide quality along with the solution that can set you apart from the crowd. Our product has all the right ingredients that your consumers are searching for.

Passionate Scintillation Crystal Supplier

Passion moves us as one of the top scintillation crystal suppliers. We believe no business can sustain itself if the company as a whole is not self-motivated.

We have a staff that ensures every step is filled with enthusiasm. Thus, our buyers remain committed to us, not just for transactions but for related services as well. Almost every buyer has the similar chemistry that we have. So, all in all, we work in tandem to produce the best for mutual benefits.

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