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Kinheng Crystal Material (shanghai) Co., Limited is a leading professional scintillation crystal, scintillation detector, scintillation array, and substrate supplier in China. To be among the top scintillation crystal suppliers, we have worked a lot and have satisfied hundreds of buyers in and outside China. We have the will and desire to become a top global scintillation array and detector supplier.

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scintillation crystal
scintillation detector
Scintillation array

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Kinheng Crystal Material(shanghai)co.,ltd.

has been commiting to scintillator materials since the foundation of company, It's proessional
solution provider company in scintillator materials growth and processing. In
the meantime, we supplied all series scintillators including(Csi(Tl), GAGG:Ce, CWO,
LuAg:Ce, LuAG:Pr ,Csi(Na), Nai(Tl), BGO, LYSO:Ce etc) to meet different applications in Nuclear radiation detection (X ray, Gammma ray and Neutron), Nuclear medical imaging,
Security inspection, Oil logging(MWD/LWD), High energy physicas and University
education program etc.


We certified under the international standard ISO 9001 quality management system to manufacture crystal's production
We have necessary qualification step for each supply to make sure all our products are qualified.


Kinheng Crystal provides all series total solutions in application filed.