The Advantaged Product Is The Foundation To Provide The Whole Solution Of Scintillator Materials

Kinheng Crystal Material (shanghai) Co., Limited is recognized as among professional and leading scintillation crystal, scintillation detector, scintillation array and substrate suppliers in China. During the past decade, the company has expanded by manifolds related to size and business turnover. The company started off with one office and few engineers and now we have various offices with state of the art warehouse, with a working team of around 50 individuals.
As China continues to develop especially in the IC industry, we are in a strong position not only to use the available resources domestically but also to export our products outside China.

What We Offer

The products that Kinheng Crystal offers include
scintillation crystal
scintillation detector
Scintillation array
We closely collaborate with worldwide specialized and leading raw material suppliers to provide our broad range of customers with a full breadth of items. We believe that businesses that are customer-oriented flourish in an effective manner. We as one of the renowned scintillation detectors suppliers focus more on what our clients need. Hence, our main objective remains to provide maximum client satisfaction through our hard work and dedication.

What Takes us to Top Tier

We have our Quality Control (QC) department run by professionals. We see our engineers and staff as our assets. Due to our QC department and qualified professionals, we enjoy the reputation of being a top scintillation material supplier.


Kinheng Crystal Material(shanghai)co.,ltd.

has been commiting to scintillator materials since the foundation of company, It's proessional
solution provider company in scintillator materials growth and processing. In
the meantime, we supplied all series scintillators including(Csi(Tl), GAGG:Ce, CWO,
LuAg:Ce, LuAG:Pr ,Csi(Na), Nai(Tl), BGO, LYSO:Ce etc) to meet different applications in Nuclear radiation detection (X ray, Gammma ray and Neutron), Nuclear medical imaging,
Security inspection, Oil logging(MWD/LWD), High energy physicas and University
education program etc.


We certified under the international standard ISO 9001 quality management system to manufacture crystal's production
We have necessary qualification step for each supply to make sure all our products are qualified.


Kinheng Crystal provides all series total solutions in application filed.